Monday, May 14, 2012

Lotus Tunic–Sewing and Finishing


I really love how this tunic/dress came all together but I think next time I will allow myself more time.  : )  My good friend Bridgette from Fancybelle and I had a great time with our sew-a-long. 
The first day I put the darts and zipper in on the back pieces and did the lining at the same time.  The front pieces went together smoothly but I did have to redo the neckline a couple of times.  I’m not used to such a large seam allowance (1/2 inch).  That made it more challenging for me especially around the neckline and sleeves.  I was very happy that everything fit together nicely.  I was a little worried about the puff cap sleeves but they went together pretty smoothly.  



I really wanted to wear this for Mother’s Day, and it was long enough on me to wear it as a dress!  I did take a slip that I had purchased on clearance for $1 and attached some ruffle fabric that matched the colors in my tunic.  It took me a total of about 10 minutes and added a little pop of color and some just a little length for when I sat down.  With my one year old crawling all over my lap, it gave me more coverage!  : ) 
I have a few pictures but didn’t take as many as I wanted.  Most of last week I spent the time from 7pm to 10pm working on this tunic.  I plan on making a much shorter version of this so I can wear it this summer.  I will have to adjust the bodice a little bit so I won’t have to wear a cami under it.  Since it’s fully lined, it would be incredibly hot to wear in the summer with three layers!  : ) 
I would really recommend to other Sewing Lovers to check out Amy Butler patterns.  She does a great job and the finished products is soooo cute and look like I bought it in a department store.  Here is a break down of the cost to make this tunic – $27 Amy Butler fabric, $13 Amy Butler Lotus Tunic pattern, $3 invisible zipper, $8 muslin (for lining) = $51   Sewing is not a cheap hobby, but I love creating, maybe designing someday!
And I also did have to make a matching hair accessory for my tunic!  Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lotus Tunic Day 1



For Day 1, I traced out pattern pieces onto parchment paper and cut out the exterior and lining pieces.  This pattern was on tissue pattern paper, which made it difficult so I used parchment paper to make my pattern pieces.  I didn’t want to cut the original pattern so I could use it in other sizes for the future. 

It took 2 yards of my main exterior fabric ( Amy Butler Twilight Peony in Saffron) and a small amount for the coordinating fabric (Amy Butler’s Peacock Feathers in Blush).  It also took 2 yards of muslin for the lining.  That was it for day 1, I’m excited to start putting this together! 



Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sew-A-Long #2 Amy Butler's Lotus Tunic













I loved the my first sew-a-long so much that I'm making another one of Amy Butler's patterns for another sew-a-long!

My friend and college roommate Bridgette from Fancybelle  and I will be doing Amy Butler's Lotus Tunic & Cami. We both did Amy Butler's Cabo Halter top pattern last month and wanted to do any other pattern by Amy Butler. We both love, love (did I say Love) Amy Butler fabric!

Here is our timeline (meaning during naptime & after kids are in bed):

Mon May 7: Trace and Cut Pattern

Tues May 8-Weds May 9: Sewing

Thurs May 10-Fri May 11: Finishing

This pattern looks more challenging but I'm ready for it. It's so fun sewing along with a friend even though we live in different states! Not only do we get to make something for ourselves, we can help each other out if we need help. Plus, I'd probably find a million other things to do instead of make something for myself! I decided to go with the fabric on the cover of the pattern (real original, right)!

Amy Butler Twilight Peony in Saffron for main body of Tunic







And Amy Butler’s Peacock Feathers in Blush for accenting fabric.

Bridgette set up a flickr group if you want to join or follow along

Hope you follow along this week!