Saturday, February 15, 2014

Embroidered Felt Bookmark Tutorial


I’m a craft leader for our local MOPS group.  I love it, but in my 4th year, it gets a little harder to come up with ideas for our next craft.  I’m so happy that they created Pinterest. I’m a Pinterest addict!  I saw this pin and thought it would make a great craft.  I changed a few things and love how it turned out.

Supplies: felt, white or black elastic, embroidery floss, needle, hot glue

1. Cut 2 circles out of the felt. I cut circles with my Sizzix. Hand embroider your design on one circle. circles

2. Cut your elastic to the length that will fit around your book.


3. Hot glue ends together to make it strong.


4. Using your hot glue gun, make a line down the middle of one your circles and attach your elastic to it.



5. Next, put a ton of glue on so the bookmark doesn’t come apart when stretched.


6.  Place your top circle on immediately before the glue dries. And it’s done!


My girls had a snow day last week so we turned it into a craft day.  My 7 and 5 year olds are starting to learn how to hand sew and this was a perfect craft for them. I did a lot, A LOT of threading needles and tying knots.  I did put the bookmarks together for them. Here is a picture of their finished bookmarks.


I also made some bookmarks with cutting out shapes with my Sizzix and attached them to the front instead of hand embroidering. Here are two examples of ones that I made.



These make great gifts and are easy enough to make. Hope you Enjoy!


  1. Love it! Thank you for sharing! Congratulations from Greece!

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