Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shabby Chic Flower Rosette Headbands

This is the first or several headbands that I will be adding to my store. I simply love rosettes and these new headbands that I've been making for my littlest lady. Since all my little ladies take forever to get hair, I've had to get creative with making hair bows, clips, and headbands. They are my inspiration behind My Little Lady Designs.

This listing is for a beautiful headband that is made using a set of 3 fabric flower rosettes in pink, brown, and cream which are handmade by me. The flower rosettes have a rhinestone center and white marabou feathers which add the perfect touch and are attached to the light silver grey elastic headband. These headbands are super soft and so comfortable and will not make dents or marks on your little lady’s head. Perfect for newborn, baby, little girl or big girl!

Newborn: 13"
3-6 months: 15"
6 months- 2 years: 16"
2 years- teen: 17"
Adult: 18"

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